Scar Treatment in Plano & Prosper, TX

About Scar Revision

As a common skin blemish, scars can be located anywhere on the face and body. In some cases, a scar is a reminder of a wound that once existed or another condition that caused great pain. While most scars are not a problem, some scars are unappealing and unsightly. They can be too big or too wide, bumpy, dark, raised, or recessed. Depending on where the scar is located and its condition, scar treatment with surgical revision, lasers, microneedling, or cosmeceutical skincare products may be used to improve its appearance. Frisco, TX dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Dharamsi and her team of providers at Legacy Dermatology & Restoration Center are proud to offer so many scar treatment options to our local men and women. These aesthetic treatments aim to reduce the size and improve the overall appearance of your scar(s).

Types of Scars

There are several types of scars. The type you have will determine the technique used to address it. The most common scars Dr. Dharamsi treats are:

Superficial Scars

These are the subtlest type of scars. They do not cause any issue other than an unsightly appearance.

Keloid Scars

These scars are bigger in size and can be sometimes painful. The skin around the scar tends to be discolored and grows beyond the edges of where the wound once existed.

Hypertrophic Scars

This type of scar can also be big. They may be thicker and get larger over time; however, they do not usually grow beyond the wound site.

Contracture Scars

This type of scar is considered more complex as it forms over a larger area of skin. A burn is an example of this type of scar. Many times, a contracture scar feels taut and also limits movement in some patients.

Ideal Candidates

Anyone who has a scar that is bothersome, unsightly, or causes embarrassment and insecurity may want to learn more about scar treatment. It is important for potential patients at Legacy Dermatology & Restoration Center who get this procedure to know that while this treatment is meant to improve the appearance of the scar and reduce its size, it will not make it totally disappear. The type of treatment chosen will be dependent on where your scar is located, the type of scar it is, and its size, shape, and depth.

Surgical Technique

Surgery to revise scars is often completed at Legacy Dermatology & Restoration Center. Dr. Dharamsi will use a local anesthetic or sedation, depending on the circumstances of the treatment. For thick or bumpy scars, a shave excision can be used to level and even out the scar. Blemishes that are larger and raised may be reduced in size using an elliptical incision, which removes the scar and some of the tissue and skin around it. The skin is then sutured with a new clean line. For scars that were created by a poor closure, this can create a significant improvement.

In some cases, it isn’t the size or shape of the scar that is the issue, but instead, it’s the color or texture. With laser treatment or microneedling, we can reduce the color and visibility of a scar without surgery. Lastly, if you have a recessed scar or one that appears “pitted,” Dr. Dharamsi may suggest a cosmeceutical or dermal filler product to create a more natural, even complexion.

What to Expect

After a scar revision surgery, wound care is the most important part of the recovery process. Dr. Dharamsi or a member of her staff will go over very specific instructions and tips to help you take care of your incision so that the new scar is smaller, lighter, and thinner. With nonsurgical methods, there is little to no downtime. Please remember that the scar will not be entirely eliminated, but most scar treatments can create a more natural and softer appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does scar treatment cost?

It’s important to focus on finding an experienced dermatologist, like Dr. Dharamsi, instead of the cheapest cost. With her years of training and exceptional skill, Dr. Dharamsi can create a scar treatment plan that is specific to your needs and goals. The cost of your procedure will depend on the area being treated, the type of scar, and the size of the scar. During your initial visit, we can estimate your costs once a treatment plan is developed.

Does scar treatment eliminate the original scar?

No. Scar treatment will not completely eliminate the appearance of your scar, but it will help significantly in reducing its visibility. With scar treatment, an unsightly blemish can be smoothed and softened to attain a more natural cosmetic.

My best option?

Every patient case is different, which means that what may be best for you may not be best for another. This is why we perform a thorough consultation prior to any treatment. During your private assessment, we can review your condition and help determine which treatment option is best for you.

Improve Your Scar’s Appearance

If you have an unwanted scar that bothers you, Legacy Dermatology & Restoration Center offers several treatments to make it less visible. After assessing the size, shape, depth, and type of scar you have, a revision plan will be created to help decrease its appearance. Using surgical and nonsurgical treatments, Dr. Dharamsi will reshape the scar area and skin around it for a more normal and natural appearance. We invite you to call Legacy Dermatology & Restoration Center in Frisco, TX to schedule your scar assessment today.